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Grind Athletix is for people who like to sweat.

Typical benefits of a Grind Workout:

1. Safe, fun & non-intimidating environment
2. Serious, achievable results
3. Advanced fitness tailored for athletes between the ages of 16 - 45
4. Supportive, collaborative and motivated group of peers

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If you live in Vancouver and are between the ages of 16-45 and are looking to take your fitness to a new level, then a Grind Workout is for you.

A group exercise class at Grind Athletix is much more than a typical bootcamp or crossfit workout; it’s an advanced training program targeting athletes who want to push the limits of fitness.

Using principles rooted in speed training and plyometrics and surrounded by a supportive and motivated group of peers, your workout program will push you to achieve fitness results that are guaranteed to change your life.

Each activity progresses at a self-directed pace providing you with complete control over how hard you choose to train. Working out in a group setting provides a foundation of support and motivation that is not matched by personal training or self-motivated workouts; a Grind workout provides a positive & rewarding athletic experience. 


Group Training Components

These are a list of the type of exercises that are used to build out a Grind workout:

  1. SPEED : focus on fast start, explosive movements and technique

  2. RESISTANCE : lunges, jump-squats, jacks, pushups, sit-ups - all done with a partner apply resistance

  3. CORE : plank, sit-ups, crunches, one-legged hops, push-ups

  4. POWER : boxing, dips, jump-squats

  5. STRENGTH : push-ups, medicine ball, squats

  6. AGILITY : Hop sprints, shuttle runs, scissors, side-steps

  7. FUN : handball, dodgeball, sprint relays